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Ask Outside Interests – 9/22/15

In Outside Interests 18, Rich Luhr—author of Airstream Life’s (Nearly) Complete Guide To Airstream Maintenance—helped readers with a sticky subject: polyurethane sealants.  Cam M. dropped us a line. “Excellent article about sealants,” Cam wrote. “One hurdle I have, not covered in your article, is whether the old sealant has to be removed, or in areas … Continue reading Ask Outside Interests – 9/22/15

This Airstream Has Fleas (and Vintage Ones at That)

So you love vintage motorcycles, and maybe even riding those motorcycles in vintage clothes, which you also love. And maybe you ride those motorcycles all the way to Wisconsin (by way of Florida) from New York to check out some vintage trailers, which you think might make great vintage-goods shops, shops that could be the … Continue reading This Airstream Has Fleas (and Vintage Ones at That)

The Airstream Barber

Can a good haircut change your life? “I might be biased,” said Traditional Master Barber Nicolàs “Neekz” Martinez, “but if the way you look effects the way people treat you, and the way you feel about yourself, then yes.” “Veteran Tonsorialist” Martinez is currently changing lives—one head of hair at a time—with Lucy, his mobile … Continue reading The Airstream Barber