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Bowlus, Then and Now—Part 2

Catch up with Part 1 of “Bowlus, Then and Now” in the last issue of Outside Interests When we last left our hero, Hawley Bowlus was an innovator in trailer traveling in the mid-1930s, and building his Road Chiefs using the most advanced technology and materials available. His trailers were a monocoque design, that “nobody … Continue reading Bowlus, Then and Now—Part 2

Bowlus, then and now—Part 1

Most people have never heard the name Hawley Bowlus, but Airstream historians know him well. Bowlus, the Ryan Aircraft pilot and engineer who served as production manager for Charles Lindbergh’s Spirit of St. Louis in the late 1920’s, was also the creator of the first aluminum riveted travel trailer in 1934—not Wally Byam, as many … Continue reading Bowlus, then and now—Part 1