My Airstream Style

The Airstream: 30-foot 2005 Airstream Classic The Airstreamers: Steve Adcock, Full-timer on the road, USA My Airstream style: Since we full-time in our Airstream, we use our trailer for everything. It’s our home. We travel all over the country, mainly in pursuit of beautiful scenery. One of my hobbies is photography, and this lifestyle gels … Continue reading My Airstream Style

Quick News

Welcome Back: The Airstream Globetrotter The Globetrotter was a major model name in Airstream’s salad days, and indeed some trailers did some globe-trotting on the fabled Wally Byam caravans. In fact, the editor of this newsletter owns a  ’66 Globetrotter, whose orange/brown/white/yellow plaid upholstery still proudly proclaims its heritage. However, the model name fell out of … Continue reading Quick News

Curiosity Can’t Kill the Airstream

Quick, where’s the best place to display a teddy bear made out of belly-button lint, a George Washington funeral card and your dad’s kidney stones? Curious? You can quench that curiosity (and see many more oddities) by visiting the Museum of Curious Things, which happens to be housed in your favorite brand of trailer. Matt … Continue reading Curiosity Can’t Kill the Airstream