Quick News

The Airstream Atlas Airstream, Inc. has just announced the latest touring coach in their lineup: the Airstream Atlas™. Like the Interstate, the Atlas is built on a Mercedes-Benz chassis and offers “the best of everything,” according to announcements. That’s quite a pronouncement, but there are some credentials: The Class-B motorhome includes a power slide-out room … Continue reading Quick News

Ask Outside Interests!

A reader wrote in about his concerns for his gleaming new Stream: My wife and I bought a 2017 Serenity with dreams of travel, including beach locations. We were more than disappointed to learn, unfortunately after we bought, that sea air and beach life is brutal regarding rust and corrosion to our rig. Right now, … Continue reading Ask Outside Interests!

All It Takes to Catch an Eclipse Is an Airstream Trailer

We can’t get enough eclipse around here, and when an Airstream’s involved, that makes the event all the more shiny. Slooh, “Your Interface to Outer Space,” is an online observatory that lets people log in and view the celestial wonders from their own chairs, no spacesuit required. Slooh is actually several observatories: they started with … Continue reading All It Takes to Catch an Eclipse Is an Airstream Trailer