Bowlus, then and now—Part 1

Most people have never heard the name Hawley Bowlus, but Airstream historians know him well. Bowlus, the Ryan Aircraft pilot and engineer who served as production manager for Charles Lindbergh’s Spirit of St. Louis in the late 1920’s, was also the creator of the first aluminum riveted travel trailer in 1934—not Wally Byam, as many … Continue reading Bowlus, then and now—Part 1

Quick News

Outside Interests is now 50 – fifty issues old. As we move into 2017 and the next fifty issues, we want to acknowledge the continuous and essential support of our two sponsors: Airstream, Inc., and Lazydays RV of Tucson. Both of those companies understand the importance of a lively and independent Airstream enthusiasts community, and … Continue reading Quick News

deFUNKit wash system for RVers

Some clothing items (like microfiber travel clothes and workout wear) never seem to smell completely clean, and the close quarters in an Airstream can escalate the problem among friends and family members. The DeFUNKit clothes washing system is not only lightweight, compact, and easy to take on the road, but it promises “permanent odor control” … Continue reading deFUNKit wash system for RVers