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Amazing Vintage Interiors—Part 2

1968 Airstream Ambassador Uwe Salwender of Area 52 Productions reconstructed this trailer to be completely functional for work on the road while retaining the vintage appeal of the 1968 shell. The owners wanted an eco-friendly entertaining space, a premium sound system, separate beds, enough space to store their bicycles inside, a “wonderful galley so we … Continue reading Amazing Vintage Interiors—Part 2

Amazing Vintage Interiors—Part 1

Since 2004 Airstream Life magazine has been publishing articles about some of the most incredible travel trailer restorations and customization. The very best ones combine artistry with technical expertise to produce a vehicle that is both beautiful and practical. In this two-part series we’ll review just a sampling of those projects for your consideration. 1954 … Continue reading Amazing Vintage Interiors—Part 1

A National Park on Wheels

Airstreams have had a long, congenial relationship with the National Park system—the two rather grew up together, with Airstream kind of a kid brother to the older park system. Indeed, this year Airstream produced the Pendleton trailer, a commemorative issue recognizing the park system’s 100th anniversary. Having been a seasonal ranger for Grand Teton National … Continue reading A National Park on Wheels

A copper Airstream that’s not small change

That old quote “You shine up like a new penny” needn’t be applied just to characters in movies or books. Anything with classic good looks—say, perhaps a 1961 Flying Cloud Airstream—just needs a bit of sprucing to hit the road in fine style. The Kit and Ace trailer has those good looks down cold, and … Continue reading A copper Airstream that’s not small change

StoryCorps Airstream

For more than a decade the StoryCorps project has been providing people from diverse backgrounds the opportunity to record, share and preserve their stories. “We believe every story matters,” states the StoryCorps website. “We do this to remind one another of our shared humanity, to strengthen and build the connections between people, and to teach … Continue reading StoryCorps Airstream

Route 66: the Mother Road Ends at an Airstream

All things depart from, and all things return to the Mother Road. Poetic sentiments aside, there’s a shine of truth on that statement, just as there’s a shine on the 2015 Bambi that keeps that statement alive. The “Mother Road” was one of the names for the fabled Route 66, one of our country’s first … Continue reading Route 66: the Mother Road Ends at an Airstream