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Curiosity Can’t Kill the Airstream

Quick, where’s the best place to display a teddy bear made out of belly-button lint, a George Washington funeral card and your dad’s kidney stones? Curious? You can quench that curiosity (and see many more oddities) by visiting the Museum of Curious Things, which happens to be housed in your favorite brand of trailer. Matt … Continue reading Curiosity Can’t Kill the Airstream

Miansai’s Contemporary Designs Roll on Vintage Wheels

Miansai, the Miami-based “cult favorite” jewelry brand, now sells at stores in 36 countries, and has retail stores in New York and LA. But the company’s distinctive goods—bracelets, belts, watches and jewelry inspired by fish hooks and industrial screws—were initially retailed out of something smaller. Smaller, but just as shiny: A beautifully refurbished Airstream, the … Continue reading Miansai’s Contemporary Designs Roll on Vintage Wheels

Dapper Den Airstream Is a (Hair)Cut Above

Naming your Airstream the “Shiney Hiney” does indicate you have a certain style. And the barbers that man their Shiney Hiney mobile grooming salon are all about style. Proprietors (and cousins) Frankie Petrillo and Jess Goins spent long hours discussing how to distinguish their Dapper Den Grooming services from others. Putting them in a creatively … Continue reading Dapper Den Airstream Is a (Hair)Cut Above

All It Takes to Catch an Eclipse Is an Airstream Trailer

We can’t get enough eclipse around here, and when an Airstream’s involved, that makes the event all the more shiny. Slooh, “Your Interface to Outer Space,” is an online observatory that lets people log in and view the celestial wonders from their own chairs, no spacesuit required. Slooh is actually several observatories: they started with … Continue reading All It Takes to Catch an Eclipse Is an Airstream Trailer

Workit Health Uses an Airstream Mobile Clinic to Aid Addiction Recovery

The opioid crisis is claiming victims all across the country, and is tearing families and communities apart. The scourge of addiction, whether from drink or drugs, is a complex problem without quick solution, but medical professionals and concerned citizens are marshaling new approaches that show promise. One such collaboration is through Workit Health, and a … Continue reading Workit Health Uses an Airstream Mobile Clinic to Aid Addiction Recovery

Airstream MoHo

Classic Airstream motorhomes (those built with an aluminum body) were produced by Airstream as Argosy motorhomes from 1974 to 1978, and as Airstream Classic motorhomes from 1979 to 1995. In recent years they’ve begun to gain retro appeal and be sought out as prized candidates for modernizing. This 1991 Airstream Classic 250 is a leading … Continue reading Airstream MoHo

“Western Pacific”—the 40-foot Airstream

Although it’s commonly thought that Airstreams have always topped out at 34 feet, this extremely rare 40-foot Airstream proves otherwise. Built in 1962 for the Western Pacific Railroad, it is one of only ten made, of which only two are still known to exist. The Airstream trailers were used until 1983 when the Western Pacific … Continue reading “Western Pacific”—the 40-foot Airstream

Airstream Karaoke

Some things are acknowledged classics: the ’59 Caddy, the gin martini, the Airstream trailer. Some other things, which might have started out on the cheesy side—say, Saturday Night Fever—have edged over toward the classic, by virtue of nostalgia and time. You might think the same of karaoke: once an eye-roller, and now a kind of … Continue reading Airstream Karaoke

The Beerstream

Meet the Beerstream… …a 1967 Airstream Overlander Land Yacht converted into a mobile beer and cocktail bar. Last year wedding photographer Ely Roberts and his wife Abby (a labor and delivery nurse) relocated from San Luis Obispo, California to Bend, Oregon, where their new home offers two things they enjoy: outdoor recreation, and good beer. … Continue reading The Beerstream

Magnolia Pearl

John Gray and Robin Brown customized every inch of their 1972 24-foot Airstream Safari. Basic restoration work included new tires, an axle with 5000# rating, new plumbing, new insulation, and new electrical wiring—but all of that was merely a base for an elaborate Victorian-themed interior designed specifically for their business, Magnolia Pearl, Robin Brown’s unique … Continue reading Magnolia Pearl