Category: Tales From the Road

The Airstream Blackout Rally

The Great American Eclipse of 2017 swept coast to coast across the nation last month, and the Oregon Airstream Club made the most of it. The sold-out “Blackout Rally” was open to members of the Wally Byam Airstream Club, and the Oregon unit hosted 125 Airstream trailers and filled nearly twenty onsite cabins with the … Continue reading The Airstream Blackout Rally

Bowlus, Then and Now—Part 2

Catch up with Part 1 of “Bowlus, Then and Now” in the last issue of Outside Interests When we last left our hero, Hawley Bowlus was an innovator in trailer traveling in the mid-1930s, and building his Road Chiefs using the most advanced technology and materials available. His trailers were a monocoque design, that “nobody … Continue reading Bowlus, Then and Now—Part 2

After Some Bumps, the Kabine Hits the Road

Some Airstreams are rolling histories, of long journeys, of decades of care, of family connection. But some Airstreams go on journeys with their owners that are as much about metaphors as miles. Kim Hayes bought her ’65 Safari in 2004, but since she was driving a Honda Civic at the time, the 23-foot trailer had … Continue reading After Some Bumps, the Kabine Hits the Road

Ferries and tunnels and bridges, oh my

Your Airstream can go almost anywhere there’s a road, but sometimes it might not feel that way to you. Often newer owners ask about “special” circumstances, such as tunnels, bridges, major cities, and ferries—wondering if there’s something they don’t yet know. Really, there’s no great magic about taking your Airstream wherever you want, with just … Continue reading Ferries and tunnels and bridges, oh my

Airstream Aluminum Art at Burning Man

It all started when Rex Richmond’s wife Jina had a scrape with a service station on her way home from the Burning Man festival in Nevada. “We’d had a big week, and I totally misjudged the gas pump,” said Jina (who goes by the Playa name “GiGi” while at Burning Man). “I made a big … Continue reading Airstream Aluminum Art at Burning Man

Fun and Games in an Interstate

“The Airstream Interstate provides the perfect balance of work and play,” said Eric Poses, President of All Things Equal, the company behind Loaded Questions, a multiplayer board game. “It allows me to get everything done while I’m out of the office for an extended period of time—all while spending quality time with my family.” Poses … Continue reading Fun and Games in an Interstate

The Arctic Hybrid Adventure

The PR team for the new Range Rover Sport Hybrid* had a brilliant, crazy notion: tow an Airstream to the Arctic. “Actually, it was Ben’s idea,” said journalist Peter Adams about Ben Samuelson, founder of Samuelson Wylie, the firm hired to test and promote the “world’s first luxury diesel hybrid”. “The new hybrid Land Rover … Continue reading The Arctic Hybrid Adventure