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My Airstream Style

The Airstream: An almost completely refurbished 1966 Trade Wind, and a gutted 1956 Overlander—California wide body, 13-panel front and whale tail—gutted and ready to start work on. The Airstreamer: Elizabeth Jose, New Mexico My Airstream style: I have a love affair with the big landscapes of the southwest, particularly rocky ones on a massive scale, … Continue reading My Airstream Style

My Airstream Style

The Airstream: “Ally Cat”—a 2005 396 XL Land Yacht motorhome (with an Allison transmission and a Caterpillar engine). The Airstreamer: Lynn Pass, Oregon My Airstream style: We love to caravan with friends. Last year we went on the Airstream SW Caravan with another couple we’re close friends with, and we enjoy the freedom caravanning gives us … Continue reading My Airstream Style

The Airstream Barber

Can a good haircut change your life? “I might be biased,” said Traditional Master Barber Nicolàs “Neekz” Martinez, “but if the way you look effects the way people treat you, and the way you feel about yourself, then yes.” “Veteran Tonsorialist” Martinez is currently changing lives—one head of hair at a time—with Lucy, his mobile … Continue reading The Airstream Barber

Antsy in the House

Keeping true to his name, Antsy McClain just can’t sit still. Your favorite Trailer Park Troubadour has been juggling family, creativity, construction and travel, and you’ll have a chance to ask him about any and all of it when you meet him at Alumaflamingo. The birth of his first grandchild precluded his presence at last … Continue reading Antsy in the House