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Camp for free!

Get out of your KOA rut and try some new ways to camp while saving money. Free (usually dry) camping options include courtesy parking, boondocking, and one-night “blacktop camping”. Courtesy parking Simply put, courtesy parking means docking your Airstream outside someone’s home for the night, or longer. Your host can be a friend, a family … Continue reading Camp for free!

Airstreamers contribute to International Peace Garden

This summer, Airstreamers worked together to install a permanent monument at the International Peace Garden—the culmination of a multiyear effort to rededicate 200 years of peace between Canada and the United States. The International Peace Garden is a 2,339 acre park that lies between North Dakota and the province of Manitoba in the heart of … Continue reading Airstreamers contribute to International Peace Garden

North to Alaska

“Alaska is not as intimidating as you may think!” said Lynda Polk, President of the Greater Los Angeles Airstream Club. “It’s not a foreign country. If Alaska is on your bucket list, it’s a wonderful adventure.” Lynda and her husband Jim recently towed their 25-foot 2012 Flying Cloud from California to the 49th State; a … Continue reading North to Alaska

CreekFire Motor Ranch

Opening a large RV park—one with far broader ambitions than being a mere RV park—takes vision, hard work and persistence. And no doubt you can toss “luck” into that framework as well. But the folks behind the work-in-progress CreekFire Motor Ranch are starting out with a shiny face, front and center: a vintage Airstream that … Continue reading CreekFire Motor Ranch

National Storytelling Festival

How do you know anything about your great-grandparents, aunts, uncles, or friends? How do you know about your own parents or contemporaries? You got it—through stories. Perhaps someone in your family is a storyteller. My mother, whose roots were in the deep South of the Mississippi Delta, loved using dialect to tell tales about her … Continue reading National Storytelling Festival

Save Money While Visiting National Parks

Visiting national parks is one of the biggest travel bargains in North America. While the parks do collect admission, camping, and various concession fees, they’re still far cheaper than almost any type of vacation you can name. Camping in national parks doesn’t mean luxurious accommodations, but on the other hand you’re usually facing a $20 … Continue reading Save Money While Visiting National Parks

Best National Parks for Spring

With over 400 national parks scattered across the continental United States, choosing where to take your Airstream can be a tough (but fun) challenge. If you’re limited on time, you’ll probably want to head to those parks nearest to home, but if you have a chance to roam the continental states the choices get harder. … Continue reading Best National Parks for Spring

‘Streaming the Olympic Peninsula

When Airstreaming author Tom Schabarum married partner John last summer, they celebrated with a trip to the Oregon Coast—a great destination for Airstreamers, sightseers, honeymooners, and dog lovers. Tom shares some memories, tips for visiting, and his fabulous photos of the adventure. Why did you choose the Olympic Peninsula? “We wanted to save our real … Continue reading ‘Streaming the Olympic Peninsula

Planning Your National Park Visit

This is the fourth article in our ongoing series about visiting America’s National Parks with an Airstream. Read Parts 1, 2 and 3 at the Outside Interests article archives. I’m doing something familiar today: planning an Airstream camping trip to a great American national park. In this case my visit is to Organ Pipe Cactus … Continue reading Planning Your National Park Visit

Choosing Your National Parks

This is the third article in our ongoing series about visiting America’s National Parks with an Airstream. Read Part 1 here, and Part 2 here! Recommending which national parks to visit in your Airstream is difficult, because the answer depends entirely on your personality and background. It’s like asking someone, “What should I name my … Continue reading Choosing Your National Parks