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Ask Outside Interests! Portable Ice Maker

Gourmia Portable Ice Maker A couple of readers have been curious about the portable ice machines they see in use at their neighbor’s trailers at rallies and campgrounds. How much ice do they make? Is it an option for boondocking? We can’t recommend any one particular brand, but RG Coleman used and reviewed the Gourmia … Continue reading Ask Outside Interests! Portable Ice Maker

Ask Outside Interests!

A reader wrote in about his concerns for his gleaming new Stream: My wife and I bought a 2017 Serenity with dreams of travel, including beach locations. We were more than disappointed to learn, unfortunately after we bought, that sea air and beach life is brutal regarding rust and corrosion to our rig. Right now, … Continue reading Ask Outside Interests!

Ask Outside Interests!

Outside Interests reader Mary L. posed this question: “I was fascinated to read about the Pedego bike Airstream edition. What a tempting thought that is! We already have a pair of Raleighs that are functionally roughly comparable to the special Airstream ones. My burning question is, how can we transport electric bikes with our Airstream? … Continue reading Ask Outside Interests!

Ask Outside Interests

James H. sent us this excellent question: “The voltage in our current campground is running 107 to 100 volts with my 5 year old Dometic air conditioner running. How low can the voltage go before I risk overheating the compressor?” Most AC-powered appliances are capable of handling +/- 10% voltage without damage, which means from … Continue reading Ask Outside Interests

Ask Outside Interests – 9/22/15

In Outside Interests 18, Rich Luhr—author of Airstream Life’s (Nearly) Complete Guide To Airstream Maintenance—helped readers with a sticky subject: polyurethane sealants.  Cam M. dropped us a line. “Excellent article about sealants,” Cam wrote. “One hurdle I have, not covered in your article, is whether the old sealant has to be removed, or in areas … Continue reading Ask Outside Interests – 9/22/15

Ask Outside Interests – 7/21/15

Lexie Kensington weighs in (pun intended) on the How to Weigh Your Airstream article in Outside Interests Issue 12. “Don’t be intimidated by the truck stop and the Big Truck dudes there,” says Lexie, an avid vintage owner. Here’s more you need to know about weighing your rig: “A weigh costs money. Usually about $10, … Continue reading Ask Outside Interests – 7/21/15

Ask Outside Interests – 5/19/15

Ask us any question about Airstreaming, and we’ll answer it—or we find someone who can! After reading the last issue, Nancy in Casa Grande, Arizona has further questions about battery power: “We are interested in upgrading the battery in our Airstream, and the converter to one that will charge via the generator better than the … Continue reading Ask Outside Interests – 5/19/15