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This Cigar Wrapper is Aluminum

You can’t fault Michigan brothers Brian and Jason Maynard for snagging the 31” 1974 Airstream from the guy who was living in it in his aunt’s driveway: it was the perfect fit for their proposed Cuban Missile mobile cigar-bar concept. And since the trailer has now hosted events like a cigar-themed charity fundraiser for the … Continue reading This Cigar Wrapper is Aluminum

This Austin Airstream Sounds as Good as It Looks

Austin, Texas has long been known for its eclectic music scene, and it continues to be a source of musical ferment and experiment. In the last few years, it’s also become renowned for its Airstream scene—it’s hard to toss a Stetson without it landing on some Airstream business’s antenna, whether the trailer has been converted … Continue reading This Austin Airstream Sounds as Good as It Looks

Ask Outside Interests – 5/19/15

Ask us any question about Airstreaming, and we’ll answer it—or we find someone who can! After reading the last issue, Nancy in Casa Grande, Arizona has further questions about battery power: “We are interested in upgrading the battery in our Airstream, and the converter to one that will charge via the generator better than the … Continue reading Ask Outside Interests – 5/19/15

Alumapalooza News

Alumapalooza descends on the Airstream factory in just one month! We’re counting the days to the annual party at the Mothership, May 26 through 31. Early birds, join us for the traditional Memorial Day picnic—sponsored by Airstream, Inc.—held just for those who are in Jackson Center the weekend before Alumapalooza (usually folks with appointments at the … Continue reading Alumapalooza News

Secrets of Power: The Xantrex TrueCharge 2

Most travel trailers are built for weekend use. That mean the factory equips them with a battery or two that is sufficient to power the trailer for about two nights without being plugged in. After that, it’s time to find a source of power. So it’s not surprising that not long after an Airstream owner … Continue reading Secrets of Power: The Xantrex TrueCharge 2