Workit Health Uses an Airstream Mobile Clinic to Aid Addiction Recovery

The opioid crisis is claiming victims all across the country, and is tearing families and communities apart. The scourge of addiction, whether from drink or drugs, is a complex problem without quick solution, but medical professionals and concerned citizens are marshaling new approaches that show promise. One such collaboration is through Workit Health, and a conspicuous component of their addiction outreach is a shiny Airstream.

Workit has created the world’s first online addiction-care program through which addicts can set up a personalized recovery program and receive addiction counseling through an individual coach, who remains with them through the length of the program. The organization also has brick and mortar clinics, and now a mobile clinic that’s part of a pilot program for community outreach in Michigan. If you haven’t guessed, that mobile clinic is an Airstream.

“We’re on a mission to provide effective, affordable, and compassionate addiction treatment for all—including going to the front lines to fight the opioid epidemic with our latest program, Workit Clinic,” says Gloria Zhu, the head of marketing for Workit. The mobile unit will be going to five Michigan cities to start, parking for about a month at a time. “We’re holding launch parties and community outreach events in every city that the mobile clinic will be going to,” says Zhu.

The trailer is a 30’ 2012 Flying Cloud that’s had the rear bed and furnishings removed to give space for a doctor’s office and exam room. Workit is still adding elements like new curtains and branding decals. The company is private, but they’ve received a grant from the National Science Foundation, and are hoping that success in Michigan will open up their plans for clinics in California, Florida and Colorado.

The company’s founders are women in recovery themselves, with a combined 20 years of sobriety, and many of the company’s employees are in recovery—every single one has had loved ones who have been touched by addiction. Of course, all medications are prescribed by doctors associated with the company.

Despite the almost daily headlines reporting another addiction-related tragedy, Workit employees feel they are making a difference. “Patients that have graduated from the Workit program all reported a reduction in their addictive behaviors and a higher quality of life. Part of the fight when it comes to the opioid epidemic is to open up local resources for people who are struggling, and educate the community on ending the stigma around addiction,” says Zhu.

The Airstream is going to be a part of Workit’s efforts from this point on. “People who have seen our Airstream love it! We just had a launch event in Monroe, MI and people were going in and out of the Airstream to check it out—it’s a beauty!” says Zhu.

Here’s hoping the trailer plays a positive part in easing addiction’s pain and moving people forward in their lives. You can get more information on Workit Health’s mission and how their program works at

– By Tom Bentley