Lazydays Airstream Store

A Shiny New Airstream Store

Alumafiesta attendees joined top Airstream and Lazydays RV executives at a party to celebrate the new Lazydays RV Airstream store at the beginning of our event at the Lazydays KOA in Tucson.

Lazydays Airstream Store Ribbon Cutting
Ribbon cutting ceremony with Airstream VP Justin Humphreys and Lazydays execs Chris Trapeni (GM), Randall Lay (CFO), and Tim Sheehan (CEO)

Justin Humphreys, Airstream Vice President of Sales, spoke to the crowd about the collaboration between Airstream and Lazydays, and shared Wally’s Creed and some words about the adventurous spirit of the Airstream brand.

“We were blown away by the turnout today!” said Humphreys, as quoted in a Lazydays press release. “I always enjoy getting to meet our loyal Airstream customers and hear their stories. We were thrilled to be able to celebrate this new store at Lazydays alongside so many of them.”

“This was truly a special day for us here at Lazydays Tucson,” said Chris Trapeni, General Manager at Lazydays Tucson. “To see nearly two hundred loyal Airstreamers come out to celebrate with us and check out the new store was incredible! I hope Airstreamers will consider Lazydays a place to call home for many years to come.”

Lazydays' Steven Spears and Jeff Agans Alumafiesta
Steven Spears and Jeff Agans

Jeff Agans, Lazydays Sales Manager and overseer of the 2,000 square foot Airstream store, said it will be expanding in the coming weeks with more Airstream-specific parts and accessories, and the sales team will be focused heavily on customer satisfaction. “Airstreamers are unique,” he said. “They are very interested in quality.” The store now carries the full product line of new Airstream models, as well as accessories, souvenirs and branded apparel—as well as some parts for other types of RVs.

What do other manufacturers and SOB owners think of the recent dedication to aluminum? “That’s why we included the other parts,” said Steven Spears, Sales Consultant and Lazydays’ official “Airstream guy”. A separate team at Lazydays will continue to sell and service other brands. “I haven’t heard any negative feedback at all,” said Spears.

“You guys are unique,” he said to the Alumafiesta crowd. “I’m not saying you’re weird,” (which was met by audience laughter). “I’m just saying you’re different. My personal goal is to treat customers with respect and integrity, through the delivery process,” he said. “I’m here for you guys the whole way, not just ‘sell sell sell’, and move on to the next person. We’re trying to focus on customer care and service. That’s Airstream’s philosophy as well.”

“I’m not an expert—this is all brand new,” said Spears. “I’m learning a lot from you guys.” Like execs at The Mothership, Spears will camp for a week in an Airstream; other Lazydays managers have recently returned from a training at Airstream, Inc. in Jackson Center.

“What this represents is a lot of hard work behind the scenes,” Airstream VP Humphreys stated later during an exclusive session with Alumafiesta participants. “We’re finally getting our dealers to get more committed to Airstream.”

Airstream VP Justin Humphreys with R&B
Airstream VP Justin Humphreys with R&B

Lazydays is the type of innovative dealer that Airstream, Inc. is cultivating. “They’re a great example of a dealer really embracing this challenge, and actually coming up with an exclusive model within a store,” said Humphreys. “We found that this model means better customer experience—they still aren’t perfect, they still make mistakes—but all they do is Airstream, every day,” he said. “When the sales people, the technicians, and manager wake up in the morning, they’re going to be just like me. When I wake up, I want to sell and service Airstreams. That’s all I do. To have that happening at the ground level for the customer is a great start in improving customer experience. We’re really excited about it,” said Humphreys. “I’m excited, too, that I’m here with this rally.”

– By RG Coleman