Basecamp Sno-Cat

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Basecamp and Tucker Sno-Cat

An unlikely pairing! This, from Airstream, Inc.—

Airstream partnered with Weston Snowboards to create the “ultimate winter road trip”. Weston provided a few heavy-duty snowboards, which Airstream adapted to carry a Basecamp that was hitched to a 1979 Tucker Sno-Cat and towed through the Colorado backcountry.

Basecamp Sno-Cat

A snowcat is capable of going anywhere a snowmobile can go, “so options for back-country adventures are almost limitless,” stated a rep from the team at The Public Works, a Denver based creative agency that has been working with Airstream on marketing and product R&D. “The Tucker is owned by our friends, also owners of Colorado based Weston Snowboards, and they were just as excited as we were to try something crazy.”

To tow the Basecamp into the backcountry with the Tucker, snowboards were retrofitting to carry the trailer. “We cut lengthwise slots in the boards and heavy gauge angle iron bolted in. This gave us a metal fin protruding through the base to help keep the trailer in line behind the snowcat. The angle iron also gave us a nice platform for the tires to sit on and a place for tire webbing harnesses to be bolted to.”

Basecamp Sno-Cat

“Mother nature not only cooperated, but gave us a blizzard on the inaugural voyage. The Basecamp easily backed onto the snowboards and we strapped it down. We all wondered how the 1979 Tucker Sno-cat would do towing an Airstream travel trailer through two plus feet of fresh snow into the Colorado mountains. The moment of truth came and the Airstream floated effortlessly behind the iconic orange snow machine. Huge cheers went out from the crowd as it pulled away without hesitation. The combination of the Airstream and the orange Tucker chugging along through the blowing snow was beautiful.”

Weston Snowboards professional team riders showed up to join the fun. “At one point we had 13 people in the Basecamp. The tiny space was filled with huge smiles and laughter about how amazing the whole adventure panned out. We were miles from the closest road hanging out in an Airstream hooked to a snowcat. There was no doubt from anyone involved that this was the first of many more adventures of the Basecamp and Tucker; paired up in perfect, snowy, harmony.”

Don’t try this at home! Read the full story on Airstream’s blog.

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Alumapalooza 8

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Airstream leadership will again host product feedback sessions, a valuable conversation between the people that make our trailers and those who love them. Got a gripe or a genius idea? Airstream, Inc. wants to hear it! They really do listen to user input, and you can be a part of the process that designs future Airstreams, inside and out.

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Alumaflamingo 2017

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