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Quick News – 3/17/15

Good news for Canadian Airstreamers!

PTX OntarioCanadian friends, we hear you! The Canadian dollar has slumped in value lately, making it more expensive for you to attend the unique Performance Towing Experience (PTX) this summer. For a variety of reasons we can only offer the event in US currency…and we’re sorry. But we’ve got an offer for you: Canadians who register for PTX before the end of April will receive a cash rebate!

Register for PTX by April 30, 2015 and pay in Canadian dollars, and we will refund CDN$25 cash at the event, for every registered person in your party. That way we’re picking up part of the difference between the dollars. If the Canadian dollar weakens further, you’ll have saved money because you paid with stronger dollars and will get the cash rebate at the event!

Now there’s no reason to delay, so register today.

Remember, PTX is the only on-track towing event in North America, where you’ll have the opportunity to pull your Airstream through a slalom course and experience maneuvers like emergency braking.

PTX at the Grand Bend Motorplex will be THE place to learn about towing and more, while camping with fellow Airstreamers near fun Lake Huron. Whatever your experience level, you don’t want to miss this exciting event—now more affordable for our friends in Canada.


Sarasota was the site for continued aluma-fun in February. Did you check out the many photos, vids and albums on Facebook?

Alumaevents can now be found on Instagram, another way to catch your fellow Airstreamers in the act of doing what we do best: enjoy Airstream adventures, coast to coast and in between.

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Speaking of which, are you signed up for Alumapalooza? May will be here before you know it, and there are special activities planned just for 2015—like the VIP Factory Tour charity fundraiser. Whether you’ve never been to Alumapalooza or if it’s the official start to your summer every year, 2015 is a great time to attend, as you’ll be among the first to see the fresh, big changes at the factory. (New wacky activities include the Open House Poker Run, Wally’s Silent Bullhorn, and Human Tow Vehicles.) Register online now!

New Hires at Airstream, Inc.

“We’re trying to add talent to our team that pushes us outside of our own little Jackson Center universe,” said Airstream VP Justin Humphreys at a recent Alumaevent. “Bryan Melton, new general manager of travel trailers, came from the high end bicycle industry—working with Giant and Felt, two industry leaders, and most recently with Greg LeMond, the three time Tour de France winner.”

Melton will assume responsibility for all travel trailer sales activities and manage the factory sales reps. “With all of our growth recently, it would be real easy to go into the RV industry and just add other people from there,” said Humphreys. “We’ve done that when it made sense in the past, and we’ve had a lot of success, but employing outside talent from other industries raises the bar.”

Western Region Director of Sales Gary Akins is another example. “Gary has spent most of his career in the auto business,” said Humphreys. “He brings an automotive process, with a different quality standard, and a different service standard. He’s added a lot of depth and detail to what we’re doing today.”

Mollie Hansen, Airstream VP of Marketing who came from the athletic shoe industry—Adidas, Nike, Converse—“understands how to manage big brands, and now owns seven Airstreams,” said Humphreys. “She’s an absolute enthusiast like you wouldn’t believe.”

“Mollie, Bryan, Gary, all of them are passionate Airsreamers,” said Humphreys. “Yes, they’re from outside industries, but they’re US. We like the diverse experience, but they also have to have aluminitis.”

Happy St. Patrick’s Day from Outside Interests!

Is your Airstream “wearing o’ the green” today?

Green Trailer
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