My Airstream Style - Kristiana

My Airstream Style

Kristiana's Airstream

The Airstreams:

Six vintage models,  ranging from a 1960 Caravel to a 1972 Airstream Argosy.

The Airstreamer:

Kristiana Spaulding, California and Nevada

My Airstream style:

Kristiana jewelryI get a lot of use out of my Airstreams! They serve as inspiration for my designs, and are used as my mobile jewelry shop. My Airstream rental business has led me to beautiful destinations and camping spaces. When I’m not on the road, my Airstreams are my cozy space where I often start the morning with a cup of coffee, journal, and to do list to get focused and motivated.

Greg and I love taking trips to destinations where he can paraglide and I can spend time sketching and dreaming while watching him soar above. The eastern Sierras are a perfect spot for that combination. My girl pallie Alison and I often meet up spontaneously, usually at a beach on the California coast, or whenever we have a new place we want to check out.

Travel partner:

Osa Pony

Nine times out of ten you’ll see me towing one of my Airstreams with my canine co-pilot, Osa Pony beside me. Her schedule is pretty flexible and she loves road trips. My human travel partners are most often my husband Greg, and my friend Alison.


Camper or glamper?

GregI’d have to say I’m a camper with glamping tendencies. I grew up tent camping and my husband and I still tent camp with friends. When I’m towing my Airstream to camp, however, the stylist in me comes out. It’s my favorite thing to style the Airstream simply with some favorite functional vintage items. It’s what I do for my rentals and it transfers over to camping. On my picnic table you can usually find a simple centerpiece with couple of pebbles from a hike, a flower or succulent that I’ve brought along with me, and sometimes a tablecloth. I prefer boondocking with friends with a lot of space and nature surrounding us.

Must-have item:

It’s a tie between a camera or a sketchbook.

The ideal Airstream day:

Any day with an Airstream is an ideal day really. What makes an Airstream day that much sweeter is when it’s spent with people (and pets) I love, in a beautiful spot in nature, with no cell service. No distractions, just good company and conversation.

See Spaulding’s Airstream collection and popular jewelry designs at, and meet her in Palm Springs in February at the Modernism Week vintage trailer show. “In June a running favorite is  Alumapalooza, of course!” she said. “Alumafandango is on our list too (and in our neck of the woods).” See you there, Kristiana!