Loaded Questions Airstream

Fun and Games in an Interstate

“The Airstream Interstate provides the perfect balance of work and play,” said Eric Poses, President of All Things Equal, the company behind Loaded Questions, a multiplayer board game. “It allows me to get everything done while I’m out of the office for an extended period of time—all while spending quality time with my family.”

Poses recently returned to his office in Miami Beach after an eight-week road trip to publicize his line of games that included business meetings with retail partners, “meet the inventor” events at stores, and promotions at baseball stadiums where he parked his black Interstate and distributed free games.

Loaded Questions game Airstream“What the trip affords me is loads of genuine interaction between me and my retail partners and thousands of current and prospective customers,” he said. “I can provide a personal, more meaningful introduction to my products.” Poses drove through the South to Texas, then headed to the Southwest and Northwest states before returning to Florida by way of New Orleans. On these trips the Interstate, covered in advertising graphics, “acts as a mobile billboard,” he said. “Depending on my length of time on the road, it generates 20,000 to 50,000 impressions.”

For entrepreneurs considering work/travel vehicle options, the Interstate might be worth a look. “It’s a head-turner, which helps build awareness for the games,” said Poses. “It’s also so easy to drive and park, and has just enough room to accommodate our storage needs.”

For six of his eight-week business trip, Poses combined work with family time. Between business commitments he camped with his wife and kids in state and national parks (biggies like Mesa Verde, Arches, Yellowstone, the Grand Canyon and the Redwoods), and visited small town America. “The Interstate suits our needs,” he said. “It drives like a large SUV and looks like a piece of art inside!”

Loaded Questions gameLoaded Questions—a “creative game for active minds”—tests players on how well they know each other through probing, opinion-oriented questions as opponents race around a board. (The game, designed to “spark laughter, creative discussion and lasting memories”, is a great way to pass the time with family during rainy days stuck inside the trailer—or find out more about your sweetie and friends around the campfire with the Adult version.)

Game 2

Poses got the idea working at a “boring advertising job,” he said. “I first thought it might be a good book, but then realized the application was more fun as a board game.” Through months of development and test-play sessions with friends and family over beer and pizza, the game was ready. Poses quit his job, invested his savings and borrowed money, and produced 5,000 games. To date, more than 2,500,000 games have been sold.

Find Loaded Questions online at amazon.com, and at Target, Walmart, Barnes & Noble, and even your local game store.

-By RG Coleman