defunkit packets

deFUNKit wash system for RVers

Some clothing items (like microfiber travel clothes and workout wear) never seem to smell completely clean, and the close quarters in an Airstream can escalate the problem among friends and family members. The DeFUNKit clothes washing system is not only lightweight, compact, and easy to take on the road, but it promises “permanent odor control” of your stinkiest garments.

Designed by chemists for athletes and first responders who toil in ballistic vests and swampy base layers, deFUNKit is made with enzymes that break down the body oils that cause persistent clothing odor. (To be exact, sodium chloride, sodium carbonate, sodium metasilicate, sodium sitrate, and sodium percarbonate.)

The system consists of three small packets: one for prewash, and two for odor control. The process is less complex than it appears, and the result—hard to clean clothing that smells fresher, longer—is worth the trouble, and access to a washing machine is not necessary. Use anything that will hold water: a foldable bucket, the community camp sink, or laundromat washer. (Boondockers caveat: the process will draw down a large amount of your precious tank water; you’ll want to find a faucet.)


You’ll also need some travel downtime to follow all the steps: First, presoak your rank garments for an hour, remove them from the bucket or sink, and refill with a gallon of warm water. Dissolve the contents of the “Part A” permanent odor control packet, and return wet clothes to the treated water. Add “Part B”, and swish and massage them around; chemicals in the water will change color to alert you when to stop. Your camping clothes are now forever-fresh.

Traveling with a stinky pet? Pre-treating dog blankets and bedding with deFUNKit reduces lingering pet odor.

A related deFUNKit product, the Shoe & Gear Deodorizer Spray, treats backpacks, shoes, hats, helmets, straps, upholstery and car seats. Simply spray enough of the product to penetrate the depth of the fabric, and let dry.

Each deFUNKit Permanent Odor Control handwash kit sells for $9.95, and can treat up to one pound of garments (three to four gamy shirts, or 20 pairs of smelly socks). Visit the website to order.