Airstream and Pedego

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Outside Interests reader Mary L. posed this question:

“I was fascinated to read about the Pedego bike Airstream edition. What a tempting thought that is! We already have a pair of Raleighs that are functionally roughly comparable to the special Airstream ones. My burning question is, how can we transport electric bikes with our Airstream? We have a Fiamma rack on our 2014 25-foot FC that works perfectly with our “regular” bikes, but two ebikes riding on it would exceed the stated weight limit for Fiamma, and I wouldn’t want to test that limit, given others’ experiences. Is there a known other solution?”

Airstream & Pedego

Thanks Mary–the new Airstream edition Pedego electric bike is a fun addition to the Airstream branded gear lineup! There are a couple of options for you to consider.

Some time ago Airstream teamed up with Fiamma® to co-develop a unique bike carrier designed to fit 1969-to-current Airstream trailers with aluminum bumpers. The rear-mounted rack has a carrying capacity of 75 pounds.

Depending on the brand, e-bikes generally range between about 38 and 70 pounds—so your Fiamma rack is suited for a single Pedego bike (that weighs in at about 50 pounds) and an additional “regular” bike. Just stow your second Pedego in the truck bed or inside the trailer when you tow.

Fiamma rack

(Have you looked into electric kick scooters? They weigh 36 pounds, fold down to a very portable size, cost $700-800, and (importantly) they look cool. The range is pretty good too—10 to 12 miles if you’re stopping and starting; up to 15 miles smooth cruising.)

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