Antsy McClain

Antsy in the House

Keeping true to his name, Antsy McClain just can’t sit still. Your favorite Trailer Park Troubadour has been juggling family, creativity, construction and travel, and you’ll have a chance to ask him about any and all of it when you meet him at Alumaflamingo.

The birth of his first grandchild precluded his presence at last year, but rest assured: Antsy will be at the Sarasota Fairgrounds, guitar in hand and backed by the full compliment of Troubadours, in 2015. He’s looking forward to coming to Florida in February—Flamingoheads migrate to warmer climes in winter—and Antsy always enjoys coming to the Sarasota/Tampa area to hang out his friends.

Locals might find him at the Taco Bus in Tampa at 2:00a.m, as “that’s where all the good stories are heard,” Antsy said. Back in the day you might have seen him sitting in on the drum circles in Ybor City, where he had to move to the front of the stage “because it’s hard to sing along with just drums,” he said.

Antsy has recently moved to a new studio space that still needs a few tweaks before it can be finished—touch up paint, baseboards, and a leak that needs fixin’—but drawing and painting, enjoying the new creative space, and writing new songs have all taken priority.

Antsy and the California crew of Troubadours are heading back into the studio soon to lay down the tracks for a brand new album (“that’s CD or MP3 Download for those under the age of thirty”); good news for those who’ve memorized all the words to the currently released TPT songs.

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