My Airstream Style

The Airstream:

Remodeled 31-foot 1978 Airstream Sovereign, “Moon River”

The Airstreamers:

Sophia and Chahir Moore, Disney’s Ft. Wilderness Resort, Florida

My Airstream style:

We originally chose to live in an Airstream to challenge ourselves to go tiny and to have financial freedom as a young couple. We purchased our girl about three months before we got married, and remodeled the entire 1978 Airstream Sovereign before our wedding. Our Airstream style is pretty stationary at the moment: We decided to get married and move close to Disney World. So that’s what we are doing, staying here for a while. We are loving the cool, autumn breezes in Florida—it makes for a great season to stay parked here.

Travel partner:

My husband Chahir and I full-time live and work out of our 31-ft. rolling home. We wouldn’t have it any other way, even though it is tight sometimes. I like to think it keeps us close. People say your first year of marriage is challenging, and although that may be true, even when we are having an argument, we have to make up pretty quickly because we can’t avoid each other for long! Haha!

Camper or glamper?

While I would like to think of us as crazy adventurers, we are glampers. I definitely couldn’t see myself living in a 31-ft. aluminum home even just two years ago. I would laugh at anyone who would have even suggested it. I used to be spoiled in a large house! So at the very least, I need hot water and electricity at all times. If it were up to my husband, we would boondock more often, but I am just not on that level yet. We also remodeled the inside of our 1978 camper to have white-washed wood floors and copper countertops, so we are definitely glamping!

Must-have item:

We travel with my tiny harp at all times. As a musician, I need to play when I feel inspired. When we first moved into the tiny house, my harp was too big to fit, so Chahir surprised me with a small harp that fits perfectly between our bed and kitchen butcher block! We can sacrifice space, but we can’t sacrifice music!

The ideal Airstream day:

An ideal day is one with perfect temperature to crack open the windows and have a fresh breeze blowing in. I am a jewelry artist, so I love making jewelry while staring out into the wilderness. Nature is my greatest inspiration, and I love that Airstream life allows us to live in a beautiful wooded area. Also, I love making jewelry while it rains, hearing the therapeutic taps on the aluminum roof. There is no place like an Airstream home and workshop.

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Sadly (and gladly, on one count too) Sophia and Chahir are planning a future family, and know that Moon River won’t be big enough for their plans. If you’d like to discuss purchasing the trailer, email them at