Towing in Heels

My Airstream Style

The Airstreams:

Lilly, a 32-foot 1986 Excella; Ramblin’ Bob, a 25-foot 2005 Classic; and Rusty—“Dave’s appropriately named project trailer”—a 22-foot 1965 Safari.

The Airstreamers:

Dave and Ann Marie McKeever, Delaware

2016 Airstream Wife Swimsuit Edition
Ann Marie on the right

My Airstream style:

Dave and Guitar
Dave and his guitar

We’re outdoor people. We love sleeping naked under the stars and bathing in the rain and we’d still be doing that today if a delicate neighbor hadn’t reported us to our suburban HOA. So out of respect for our neighbors we left Suburbia, bought an Airstream Interstate, and immediately headed for Alumapalooza where we met two hundred like-minded people enjoying every day to the fullest.

Dave’s the musician and Ann Marie’s the weaver. We travel with a guitar and a loom. Just when we think life couldn’t get any better we’re camped somewhere beautiful for a couple of days, spending time making beautiful music and hand towels.

Towing in Heels
Human powered towing contest at Alumapalooza 6—Ann Marie McKeever on the right, with high-heeled teammates (l to r) Lisa Forsyth, Laura Fredericks, and Charon Henning.

Travel partner:

We recently met a cattle dog with terrier ears who’d just rolled into Delaware from North Carolina. Her favorite part of traveling is meeting new people. We got to talking and decided that the three of us could be a great team. Brindle hasn’t said much about her previous life, but she gets a little nervous when Dave plays “Carolina in My Mind”.

Camper or glamper?

We’re a well-oiled ballet when it comes to setting up our campsite. Within minutes of arriving, the wheels are chocked and the chairs, awning, guitar, and beverages are in the ready position. To look at our very basic campsite, you’d say we’re ‘campers’, but we look at ourselves not sitting in the dirty and giggle quietly at our fanciness.

Must-have item:

Dave’s Martin D-28 guitar. Without it, it’s just not camping.

Dave at Alumapalooza Gong Show

The ideal Airstream day:

The ideal day begins laughing hysterically with strangers at a dump station and then, hours later, sitting around a campfire together, singing and laughing until the ranger tells us to go to bed.

You might meet “Those McKeevers” at an Alumaevent—Ann Marie plays the uke and Dave plays guitar. “Dave’s been on the heart transplant list for a year and a half,” said Ann Marie. “We’re working with his doctors to keep him traveling, towing, and having fun on the road for as long as possible. Soon we’ll have to settle semi-permanently near the University of Pennsylvania Hospital for transplant and treatment, but until then we’re enjoying the ride and living every day to its fullest. Why wait until tomorrow to do something awesome?” They urge you to “make someone’s day a little brighter by sharing the gift of life” as an organ donor