Frank diBona

My Airstream Style

The Airstream:

Diva, a 2008 28-foot Safari SE (75th Anniversary)

The Airstreamer:

Frank diBona, North Carolina

Debbie & Frank

My Airstream style:

We like long journeys, anywhere from one to six months. We enjoy having a theme. We did one long trip that was based on the Lewis and Clark Expedition, another to the Canadian Maritime Provinces, and another to the Oregon Shakespeare Festival. We tend to not be weekend Airstreamers. It seems like a hassle to provision Diva for such a short trip.

We are not the type to spend days on end at the campground doing nothing. Sometimes I wish we could. We like to get out and hike, visit museums and the nearby towns, go to a baseball game, or a farmer’s market.

Travel partner:

It always me and my two girls. Debbie, my wife, and Rosie, our nine year old Jack Russell. Of the three, Rosie is by far the best traveller.

Camper or glamper?

I would say that we lean toward Glamping but we don’t really put on the Ritz. I guess we are “Clampers”. We usually put a tablecloth and cut flowers on our picnic table. At rallies we put our our flags, our decorative lights, and our two adult and five baby flamingos.

Must-have items:

We both need our smarter-than-us iPhones and our computer. A camera is always with me (although iPhone 6s’s camera is so good I might start forgetting my real camera). In the car we use The Next Exit book as a guide to where to stop for vittles, fuel, and eliminations.

The ideal Airstream day:

Any day in the Airstream is a pleasure. We recently went for nine days to Florida without our Airstream. Staying at motels was such a bummer.

More about Frank

Frank DiBona is a retired physician and the artist formerly known as Dr. DiBona. His life-long enchantment with photography began at age 12 when he came upon darkroom supplies and a Kodak step-by-step printmaking guide while rummaging through his grandmother’s attic.

Frank maintained home darkrooms for the next fifty years and adopted Photoshop in the early 90s. About two months after buying their Safari, he considered a picture of Michelangelo’s “Creation of Adam”—the fresco painting on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel—and created his first Airstream Machination, “And God Created Airstream”. Since then, Frank has Photoshopped 500 similar images, inserting Airstreams (and occasionally flamingos) into classic works of art, photographs, and movie posters.

And God Created Airstream
And God Created Airstream by Frank diBona

A selection of Frank’s other works, click to expand:

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