Dennis and Nancy

My Airstream Style

The Airstream:

16-foot 2006 Bambi International

The Airstreamer:

Dennis and Nancy Rogers, Colorado

My Airstream style:

Bambi Cabin - custom carvingCommercial artist Dennis and wife Nancy enjoy boondocking “all over the state” of Colorado and up into Montana in their Bambi with its customized cabin-style decor. Inside touches include a repurposed farmhouse table, granite countertop, wall-mounted custom wine rack, deer hide curtain valances and bedspread, stained glass windows and lamps of their own creation, and sculpted wood embellishments throughout. (The elaborate artwork on the inside of the door that features deer, bear and fish in a forest-scape was Dennis’ first wood carving.)

The Airstream, found used in 2010 on eBay, was originally a 75th Anniversary model with the Ocean Breeze surf decor. “We wanted to make it our own; give it our own personality,” said Dennis. “We were trying to make it more of what we like, not what somebody else liked. We’re living in Colorado—we’re not surfers!”

Bambi Cabin - custom carving

Travel partner:

Each other.

Camper or glamper?

“We’re definitely glampers” said Dennis, while the pair lounged with a chilled bottle of white near their leather table decor, with jazz music playing in the background.

Must-have item:

Twin padded steamer chairs.

The ideal Airstream day:

Bike, hike, fish or explore after breakfast, then return to the campsite for some “creative time,” said Dennis, who brings drawing and watercolor supplies along on the road. (They have no plans to hang framed art in the Bambi. “There’s not a lot of room in there,” he laughed.) Nancy, a metalsmith who also does carving and beading, brings Argentium silver for jewelry crafting. Later: “a nice happy hour and a nice dinner…then read or play guitar,” said Dennis. “That’s our typical day.”