1965 Airstream Caravel

My Airstream Style

The Airstream:

1965 Airstream Caravel

The Airstreamer:

Danielle Spillman, Oregon


My Airstream style:

Six months ago I downsized from a 1800 square-foot home that I owned to a 100 square-foot Airstream, and am now a full-time Airstream dweller finding Happiness in 100 Squares. My favorite way to use my Airstream is to live in it, love it, and take pride in it. As a traveling yoga teacher and aspiring minimalist, the Airstream life had always been appealing to me, and the simplicity of my little tin can has been a perfect parallel to my own yoga practice: simple, sweet, and always on the move.

Travel partner:

Being confined to 100 square feet of living space means that you have to be pretty dang comfortable with the people you invite into your home, especially when it comes to traveling. And what I found out very quickly is that it isn’t always glamorous or pretty. Luckily, my boyfriend values the simplicity of my lifestyle and adopts it to be his own when we are spending time with one another. When he comes to visit me from Montana we often find ourselves on the Oregon Coast cozied up, drinking beer, and just simply enjoying the space.


Camper or glamper?

I’d consider myself a mixture of both. I love the comfort of full hookups but I also love the simplicity (and cheapness) of boondocking in a little hole in the wall spot that I stumble upon. If I am able to hook up to electric you will most definitely see twinkly lights up, my canvas canopy out, and a couple of camping chairs. The picnic table will have a funky colorful tapestry, some candles, cards, and maybe even a shed antler. Gotta keep it pretty. Pretty and simple.

1965 Airstream Caravel

Must-have item:

My Bialetti Espresso Maker, hands down! I am a ritual kind of girl and every morning I look forward to adding my ground up coffee beans into the tiny stainless steel filter and turning on my stovetop.

The ideal Airstream day:

I love any little adventure that can nourish the pattern of explore and return, such as going for a run, or doing yoga on the beach and returning to see the beauty of my Airstream home with fresh eyes.

Happiness in 100 Squares is Spillman’s simplified living and yoga website where you can find her blog, teaching schedule, and upcoming yoga/minimalism workshops and events. “Most of the yoga classes that I teach are based on this concept that life is simple when we allow it to be so,” she said. “We are born simple and the years are what make us complicated, stressed, and bogged down. We are constantly faced with road bumps and challenges, but when we can simplify our internal and external landscapes we can meet these road bumps with more courage and grace.”