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Airstream Cuisine

Shop for local ingredients wherever you ‘stream. No need to plan meals ahead of time—half the fun is experimenting with what’s already in your galley, paired with what’s fresh at your destination.

“I usually find the ingredients first and then wing it with the other items I have on hand to come up with a meal,” said Laura Domela, author of the “Riveted” blog and an Airstreaming foodie who finds her produce at farmer’s markets and buys fresh seafood directly from local fishermen and markets on the water. “Sometimes I research a recipe online and modify it to fit what’s in our Airstream fridge, and sometimes I make up something completely on my own,” she said.

Domela and her husband—both seafood lovers—occasionally travel to specific places for an ingredient the area is known for, like Penn Cove, Washington (for the famous mussels), or the Oregon Coast for Dungeness crab. “We’ll definitely be going to back to Fanny Bay and Deep Bay in British Columbia,” she said. “Those oysters were incredible!”

On an Airstream trip through Marin County in California the couple once scored a dozen free oysters from a neighbor at the RV park. “We smoked them on the Traeger grill and they were fabulous,” Domela said. “The next day we made our way down to Tomales Bay and came back with more.” (Try her recipe for delicious smoked oyster chowder)

Photo by Laura Domela
Photo by Laura Domela

Do a little research on the local cuisine before you tow into town. Shopping for foods labeled heirloom (grown from seeds which have been pollinated naturally), artisanal (made in a traditional or non-mechanized way), and heritage (passed from one generation to the next) is a great way to immerse yourself in the local culture and try something new. (Unique food items are also fun to bring back for gifts or use in your kitchen at home.)

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