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Truck Systems Technology - Tire Pressure Monitoring

Roslyn B. says, “I have a question about trailer tires. This past weekend I had a blowout on a busy interstate. We spent two hours in 102 degrees in a precarious position waiting for the emergency assistance from Good Sam to get to us. Thankfully a FHP trooper waited with us hoping to slow the … Continue reading Ask Outside Interests

Battery Storage

Airstream in the snow

Outside Interests reader Jim L. wants to know: “How is it best to handle batteries on the winter? Do I take them out? Store in my cold garage? Do I put a charge on them all winter to keep from freezing? Do I add water in the winter when they are not used? Do I … Continue reading Battery Storage

Airstream Aluminum Art at Burning Man


It all started when Rex Richmond’s wife Jina had a scrape with a service station on her way home from the Burning Man festival in Nevada. “We’d had a big week, and I totally misjudged the gas pump,” said Jina (who goes by the Playa name “GiGi” while at Burning Man). “I made a big … Continue reading Airstream Aluminum Art at Burning Man


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