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Outside Interests Issue 66

Digital Voltage Monitor

Voltage Meter

Should you care about the power that comes into your Airstream from the campground? Absolutely. YES. Even newer campgrounds can have problems with their electrical power. Outlets may be mis-wired or damaged in a way that can be hazardous to your health—and the health of your Airstream. Especially on a hot and humid day, when … Continue reading Digital Voltage Monitor

SmartPlug Power Inlet Upgrade


There are some upgrades you do because they solve a problem you already have, and other upgrades you do because you want to avoid a potential problem. The SmartPlug probably falls in the latter camp for most new Airstream owners. The reason is that the standard electrical inlet on the side of every Airstream is … Continue reading SmartPlug Power Inlet Upgrade

MüvFree Computer Stands

MuvFree Computer Stand

Too much sitting—including long hours behind the wheel of our vehicles—coupled with continually looking down at computer screens is “wreaking havoc on our health,” said Kephart “Kep” Taiz, creator of the innovative MüvFree furniture collection. His adjustable computer stands raise screens to eye level and allow the user to stand or sit, improving posture and … Continue reading MüvFree Computer Stands

Xantrex Freedom HFS Inverter/Charger

Product Review Xantrex

If you’re the type who likes (or aspires) to camp in remote sites far from electrical hookups, you’ve probably already put a few upgrades in your Airstream. The standard pair of batteries installed in an Airstream is fine for a night or two without campground power, but after that most people start looking at a … Continue reading Xantrex Freedom HFS Inverter/Charger

YETI Cooler: Product Review

The YETI: not the furry kind, the cool kind. Normally a YETI is hard to find, but not if you are looking for a way to keep cold stuff cold, or warm stuff warm. There are many YETI products: coolers, can cozies, and thermal insulated mugs. They have figured out how to capture the cold … Continue reading YETI Cooler: Product Review

GoPower 120-watt Portable Solar Panel Kit

If you like free, silent, maintenance-free power to extend your camping time away from hookups, adding solar panels to your Airstream is an obvious choice. You’ve got two basic choices: fixed panels on the roof, or portable folding panels that you deploy as needed on the ground. Fixed panels are convenient and always available without … Continue reading GoPower 120-watt Portable Solar Panel Kit

Secrets of Power: The Xantrex TrueCharge 2

Xantrex TrueCharge 2

Most travel trailers are built for weekend use. That mean the factory equips them with a battery or two that is sufficient to power the trailer for about two nights without being plugged in. After that, it’s time to find a source of power. So it’s not surprising that not long after an Airstream owner … Continue reading Secrets of Power: The Xantrex TrueCharge 2

Robofoot Jack

A 4000lb tongue weight jack might sound like overkill for a 16ft Airstream, but for leveling without overextending on sloping surfaces, a jack with a longer tube—like the Atwood Premier Performance Power Jack with 19” of ram travel—might be your best option. The Atwood jack also comes with a unique feature: the automatic retracting “Robofoot”, … Continue reading Robofoot Jack

deFUNKit wash system for RVers

defunkit packets

Some clothing items (like microfiber travel clothes and workout wear) never seem to smell completely clean, and the close quarters in an Airstream can escalate the problem among friends and family members. The DeFUNKit clothes washing system is not only lightweight, compact, and easy to take on the road, but it promises “permanent odor control” … Continue reading deFUNKit wash system for RVers

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